Rudolf Abramov

Principal - Head of Development

Rudy is the sole foundation of RJ Capital Holdings and heads the development division. With over twenty years of real estate experience, Rudy manages the development process including property and construction management. He utilizes both his skills and financial leverage while ensuring successful transition from proposal to C/O.

Joseph Abramov

Principal - Head of Business Development

Joseph brings to the table a wide knowledge of business development and leads RJ Capital Holdings' franchise entities while pursuing businesses as an anchor and value add for many locations. Managing and expanding business development and investments is a core element for our commercial sector.

Michael Abramov

Principal - Head of Investments & Acquisitions

Michael is responsible for all aspects of the investment process, including acquisitions and due diligence. One of the key elements that makes RJ Capital Holdings a high return while maintaining a low risk factor is the principle of having not one or two vehicles of strategy for entering the market with new product, but multiple. No markets are ever rejected and Michael's foundation is built upon that principle.